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Service for Foreign Teachers to Teach in China


In order to promote language exchange and mutual understanding among young people at home and abroad, and to improve foreign language education in Chinese schools, CEAIE has been working together with partner organizations overseas to provide opportunities for young people and experienced teachers to work as language teachers in Chinese schools at all levels since 2005. More than 1,000 international English teachers came to China by participating in Teach in China Program.

1.English Language Teach Programs
•English Language Assistant Program

English Language Assistant Program is a cooperative project jointly launched by CEAIE and British Council .It has been smoothly implemented nationwide since 2010. British Council selects and sends university graduates from UK to assist with English teaching in Chinese public schools. This program has been listed into the Sino-UK Education Partnership Action Plan in 2011, and the framework of China-UK People-to-People Exchange Mechanism in 2012.

•Teach English in China Program

Since 2005, CEAIE has launched “Teach English in China Program” by cooperating with several universities and education institutions in the U.K and the U.S. Based on the program implementation plan, the cooperative institutions recruit native English speakers with bachelor degree or above. CEAIE allocates the applicants to Chinese schools and educational institutions at all levels for one year’s English teaching in China.

•English Teaching Volunteer Program

In 2003, CEAIE signed the cooperation agreement with Project Trust, a long-established voluntary organization in UK. CEAIE assigns volunteer teachers selected by Project Trust to public schools in Xinjiang, Gansu, Jiangxi and other less developed areas in China for one year’s English teaching. This program aims to improve local English teaching quality. More than 250 volunteer teachers have been allocated nationwide in the last decade.

Over 200 English teachers from the UK have been recruited by these programs in the year of 2015. They were allocated to more than 150 schools and educational institutions in 21 provinces and 35 cities, and more than 80,000 students benefit from these programs. Foreign teachers facilitate English language teaching in Chinese schools by bringing in new ideas and teaching approaches, offering Chinese students the opportunity of learning English from native English speakers. Meanwhile, foreign teachers can experience the Chinese culture and geography.

2.French Language Teaching Assistant Program

In 2014, Chinese Ministry of Education and French Ministry of Education reached a mutual agreement on exchanging language teaching assistants, aiming at strengthening the bilateral cooperation in the field of language teaching. According to the “Joint Declaration of the first meeting of the people's Republic of China and the Republic of France high-level Cultural and People-to-People Exchange Mechanism”, CEAIE and CIEP jointly launched the China-France Language Assistant Exchange Program.  CIEP sends 14 French teaching assistants each year as French teaching assistants in Chinese schools and universities. Correspondingly, CEAIE selects 45 Chinese graduates with bachelor degree or above to teach Chinese in France for a period of 7 months.

For more information and application procedure, please contact the following staffs:
Contact Person:Ms. Li Ang, Ms. Zhu Xiaoying, Mr. Han Xuebing
Tel:010-66416582 ext. 807,803,806
Email: li_ang@ceaie.edu.cn;
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