What is Joint Institution/Program?

Chinese-foreign cooperation in education, according to China’s legal documents, refers to the educational and teaching-learning activities legally implemented jointly by Chinese and foreign education institutions in China with Chinese citizens as primary targets. There are two major modalities: cooperatively-run institutions and cooperatively implemented programs (hereinafter referred to as joint institutions and programs).

What is Accreditation of Joint Institutions/Programs?

Accreditation of joint institutions and programs (hereinafter referred to as “accreditation”) is a voluntary process of external quality assurance for Chinese-foreign joint institutions or programs by CEAIE-CCCE in accordance with government regulations and sector recognized standards, to guarantee educational quality and sustainable development. CCCE accreditation covers Chinese-foreign joint institutions and programs at upper and post secondary levels.

Why Accredit?
    -To facilitate self-improvement of institutions/programs
    Accreditation provides institutions with opportunities for self-assessment, self-reflection and self-improvement, and with assistance from peer reviewers to identify problems, provide feedbacks and suggestions, which contributes to the accredited institutions’ further development and improved international cooperation of the accredited institutions.
    -To assist the government in strengthening management and monitoring
    Accreditation assists the government in strengthening quality assurance and improving monitoring and evaluation system, with a view to promoting the sustainable development of joint institutions and programs.
    -To assist the public in identifying the quality of joint institutions/programs
    Accreditation identifies, publicizes and promotes joint institutions and programs of good quality with commonly recognized standards, and thus provides authentic information about their qualities to the public.

On a voluntary basis, accreditation is conducted by peer reviewers and experts and reflects self-discipline and self-regulation of a group of institutions;
The accreditation focuses on the process of management and teaching and learning. The quality of institutions and programs is continuously improved through mutual interaction in the process of accreditation and follow-up reviews.
Accreditation is conducted by stakeholders, including education administrators, peer reviewers, experts of certain disciplines, and domestic and foreign evaluators and accreditors.
The accreditation procedure, methodologies and standards are aligned with international practices. CCCE is working with quality assurance organizations in US, UK, France, the Netherlands, and Australia to explore the possibility of joint accreditation.

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