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The Cross Straits Youth Leadership Study Tour

Publish Date: 2014-10-22 | Visits: 22886

Since 2010, the Eisenhower Fellowship Association from both mainland and Taiwan have successfully worked onThe Cross Straits Youth Leadership Study Tourfor consecutive 5 years.

In every summer, CEAIE selects a group of 30-45 student leaders from the key universities to join their peers from Taiwan. In the summer of 2012, CEAIE began to host the first group of 30 student leaders from Taiwan to visit Beijing, Dalian and Shanghai for 2 weeks.The top and most renowned speakers from different walks of life were invited to meet and speak to the participants.

Through our joint efforts, the ProjectCross Strait Young Leaders Study Tourwas built as a brand name and the top tier exchange program across the straits.The success of theCross Strait Young Leaders Study Touris an initiative and outcome of the exchange between Fellow Associations and fellows across the strait. Both sides recognize the significance of the exchange of student leaders in the long run and agree on its unique and strategic role in the cross straits relations.

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The Cross Straits Youth Leadership Study Tour The Cross Straits Youth Leadership Study Tour
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