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ITERO Intercultural Experiences

Publish Date: 2014-10-22 | Visits: 28639

International Partner: AFS Intercultural Programs, Inc and 26 partners around the world

Field of Program: Adult programs

History and Summary: AFS International has initiated the brand-new platform of international exchange programs for “18+” (18 years old or above) participants, named “ITERO”. AFS China works closely with ITERO on its development. Currently the platform already has 26 partners around the world, aiming at undertaking 18+ programs in the fields of overseas internship, tertiary education, volunteer abroad and language learning.

In addition to the global system of exchange resources, AFS China possesses a large scale of domestic network with multitudinous Chinese schools, colleges and universities approved by China’s Ministry of Education, which has already revealed enormous potential in international exchange for adult students and teachers. The program of 18+ international exchanges in China is showing a steady growth every year. As one of the founding-members of ITERO, AFS China us continuously expanding its cooperation with domestic and international institutions and organizations on 18+ exchange programs.

Time: Year/Semester/Short Term

Venue: (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Thailand, UK, USA, etc.)

Key word: internship, tertiary education, volunteer abroad, language learning

ITERO Intercultural Experiences Programs:

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ITERO Intercultural Experiences ITERO Intercultural Experiences
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