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Seminar on Quality Accreditation for International Students Education held in Beijing

Publish Date: 2015-03-20 | Visits: 9490
On March 13, the Seminar on “Quality Accreditation for International Students Education” was held in Beijing. Mr. Sheng Jianxue, Secretary-General of CEAIE attended the meeting and delivered the welcome speech. Ms. Mao Dongmin, Deputy Director of Division for International Students, MOE Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges, attended the meeting. The seminar was chaired by Ms. Zhou Yan, Deputy Secretary-General of CEAIE.

As a follow-up of the first seminar which was held in January, this second seminar further discussed accreditation on the quality of education of International Students, including accreditation indicators, observation points and the standards of selecting experts, etc. A set of common criteria and working plan were preliminarily drafted and discussed on the seminar.

The construction on educational quality assurance system of international students is one of the most important 2015 works of MOE in China, aiming to build up the national quality assurance system and further improve the quality of education for international students. CEAIE was entrusted to implement this project, and started the project on January. Now, the project is on the stage of designing accreditation standards and procedures, formulating accreditation manuals. This is the second seminar that was held to discuss the accreditation documents. 
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