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President Liu Limin Attended the Launching Ceremony of the Academic Network for Economy, CCHEIC

Publish Date: 2022-06-14 | Visits: 3922

On May 25, the Academic Network for Economy of China and Central and Eastern European Countries Higher Education Institutions Consortium (CCHEIC) launching ceremony was held offline and online. Dr. Liu Limin, President of China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE), Prof. Liu Wei, President of Renmin University of China, Prof. Borhy László, President of Eötvös Loránd University of Hungary, Prof. Damir Boras, Rector of University of Zagreb, the Republic of Croatia, attended the ceremony and delivered speeches. Madam Fu Bo, Deputy Secretary-General of CEAIE and representatives from CCHEIC member universities joined online.

In his remarks, President Liu Limin conveyed his congratulations on the establishment of this academic network and reiterated the accomplishments and importance of CCHEIC platform. It has become a flagship brand of higher education collaboration between the two sides. It is expected that the Network will lead a new mode of talents cultivation in the field of economics, share high-quality resources, tap the potential of cooperation on digital economy and green development. It will also help jointly explore orderly development of higher education to better serve the economy and society.

As representatives of the two leading institutions of the Academic Network for Economy of CCHEIC, President Liu Wei and President Borhy László expressed their willingness to provide a platform for academic exchanges in the field of economics for universities from various countries, to support talents cultivation and promote cultural exchanges and cooperation.

Twelve member universities of the Academic Network for Economy of CCHEIC signed the Statement, including seven Chinese universities as Renmin University of China, Peking University, Fudan University, Beijing Normal University, University of International Business and Economics, Central University of Finance and Economics, Jilin University, and five institutions from central and eastern Europe as Eötvös Loránd University of Hungary, Calvinush University of Hungary, University of Belgrade of the Republic of Serbia, Western University of Timisoara of Romania and University of Zagreb of the Republic of Croatia.

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