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Welcome Ceremony of the 2024 Zhi-Xing China Fellowships Held in Beijing

Publish Date: 2024-06-17 | Visits: 242
On June 16, the welcome ceremony for the 2024 Zhi-Xing China Fellowships, organized by China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE), was held in Beijing. Mr.YANG Jun, Vice President and Secretary General of CEAIE, attended the ceremony and delivered welcome remarks. Ms. FU Bo, Deputy Secretary-General of CEAIE moderated the event. 

YANG Jun emphasized that in-depth dialogues and exchanges between young leaders from China and the U.S. would not only help them achieve greater progress in their respective professional fields, but also enhance mutual understanding and forge deep friendships. These interactions and mutual learning will open new channels for the two sides to address common challenges and contribute to the stable development of U.S.-China relations and world peace. 

The 2024 Zhi-Xing China Fellowships cohort include 10 U.S. fellows from fields such as health care, technology, transportation, agriculture, human resources, and the arts. They look forward to learning about China’s developments and practices in their respective fields during this three weeks’ visit, establishing new engagement with their Chinese counterparts, and more opportunities for future cooperation.

Eisenhower Fellowships alumni, leaders and representatives from relevant institutions in Beijing also attended the welcome ceremony. Mr. DONG Guanpeng, Vice President of China Public Relation Association and EF fellow of 2018, said...

Organized by CEAIE, the Zhi-Xing China Fellowships is a significant outcome of the 5th China-U.S. High-Level Consultation on People-to-People Exchange. The program was officially launched in 2014, inviting emerging leaders from various fields in the U.S. to visit China for in-depth exchanges. Through traveling and experiencing China, engaging in dialogues with Chinese experts, practitioners, and common people, fellows could gain a comprehensive understanding of China from both historical and contemporary perspectives. Over the next three weeks, the fellows will participate in group activities in Beijing, followed by individualized visits to 4-6 cities across China, and a summary event in Shanghai.

(By the International Cooperation Department)
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