China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE) is China’s national not-for-profit organization conducting international education exchanges and cooperation. CEAIE and its sub-commissions, local EAIEs and member institutions constitute the non-governmental network for Chinese international education exchange. As the center of the network, CEAIE serves for its member institutions, Chinese government and the society, and plays a leading role of organizing and coordinating international education exchanges and cooperation among members.

CEAIE has initially built up a Corporate Governance System with the Charter as the core, the Member Representative Assembly as the supreme authority, the Council and the Standing Committee as the decision-making body, and the Secretary as the executive agency. 

The core function of Member Representative Assembly is to formulate and amend Charter of CEAIE, elect and dismiss the Council members. CEAIE has its Council which exercises leadership during the recess of the Member Representative Assembly and charges electing and dismissing President, Vice President and Secretary-Generals. CEAIE also has its Standing Committee which exercises leadership during the recess of the Council. The main responsibilities of the President is to convene and preside over meetings of the Council, to inspect the implementation of resolutions from the Member Representative Assembly, the Council and its Standing Committee, to sign important documents on behalf of CEAIE or entrust the legal representative to fulfill his duty. The Secretary-General can be the legal representative of CEAIE to take charge of daily work of the Secretariat as entrusted by the President and approved by the CEAIE Council and the Chinese Ministry of Education. 

The CEAIE 7th Council was organized in December 2017, with 341 Council members and 131 Standing Committee members. Mr. Liu Limin, the President of CEAIE, is the former Vice Minister of Education of China . The Vice Presidents of CEAIE are mainly Presidents of famous universities in China, such as Peking University.

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