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Committee on Self-Funded Study Abroad Service,CEAIE

Publish Date: 2014-10-24 | Visits: 5961
Committee on Self-Funded Study Abroad Service,CEAIE (CSSAS) was founded on October 29th, 2013.

Scope of Membership: 428 study abroad service agencies licensed by the Ministry of Education and registered by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. CSSAS so far has 88 council members and 18 executive council members.

Abide by the Chinese constitution, legislation and relevant policy, comply with social ethic, and bring together the study abroad service agencies in China to provide service and organize all kinds of activities according to “CSSAS Work Methods (Articles)”, with the important guiding thoughts of "supporting study abroad, encouraging home-return, freedom of mobility, and playing important role in China’s socioeconomic development"; Protecting the legitimate rights and interests of member agencies and domestic and international clients, in order to develop a study abroad service industry in a consistent and professional manner.

Scope of Operation:

1.Setting up industry standards and carrying out institutional assessment
Assist the government department in undertaking market research, data analysis, as well as setting up standards for study abroad service industry in China, and conducting prescreening and evaluation to assist the government department for license approval and annual inspection purposes;
Developing training programs and certification standards for study abroad agents; issuing national certificates to qualified consultants.
2.Membership Service and Social Obligation
Providing members with up-to-date policy guidance and information; coordinating with domestic and international organizations to introduce high quality study abroad resources to the Chinese market, thus diversifying the business scope and forms of service products for member agencies.
Establishing a customer service system to handle complaints filed by clients against unsatisfied services, thus protecting the legal rights of both clients and member agencies to alleviate social tension.
3.Public Promotion
To build the “CSSAS official website” to share information on the trends and best practices in the study abroad market in China, to promote agencies that provide unique services for clients both at home and abroad, as well as to establish a positive public image for the industry.
Release accurate and timely information to the public on study abroad policies, laws and regulations published by the government, and to hold competitions and prize-awarding events to promote high quality service agencies.
4.Academic Research and International Cooperation
Carry out the market survey and policy research for study abroad industry in China and to publish the “Annual Report on Study Abroad Service Industry”;
Collaborate with international partners to hold or participate in conferences and exhibitions both at home and abroad.

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