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Committee on Study Abroad Services of China Education Association for International Exchanges(COSA-CEAIE)

Publish Date: 2013-10-29 | Visits: 10027

Founded on October 31, 2013, the Committee on Study Abroad Services of China Education Association for International Exchanges (COSA-CEAIE) is a national industry organization of overseas study service providers created by the Chinese Ministry of Education and registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

It is a membership-based organization, of which all members are overseas study service institutions that are licensed with legal person status by the Chinese State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration.


Our Mission: 

Abide by the Constitutions, laws and regulations of the Chinese government, and adhering to social morality, we lead and work with our member institutions to develop and provide various study abroad services for domestic and international clients in accordance with COSA working methods. We respect and protect the interests and legal rights of both our members and consumers by promoting healthy and sustainable development of study abroad service industry in China.

Our Major Tasks:

1. Industry standards

To give full play to the role of industry self-discipline, to establish industry supervision mechanism and to formulate industry standards:

●Based on the principle of "one standard, two systems", COSA is dedicated to performing the market supervision function to protect the interests and rights of our members and consumers by formulating the industry norms and standards, and developing and operating service and quality control systems.

To provide government departments with basic facts and analysis for exercising whole process control of the industry by establishing a self-disciplined system of study abroad service industry.

To provide professional training for industry staff and employees.

2Service and rights protection

To provide member institutions with policy consultation and information on foreign high-quality education programs; to publish lists of accredited and certified study abroad agencies and foreign colleges and universities recognized by the Chinese government.

To develop and operate a compliant mediation center to handle complaints against unsatisfied services filed by clients or disputes among member institutions.

To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of member institutions by establishing an equal consultation mechanism with overseas universities and industry organizations.

   3Social publicity

To perform market supervision function by building a "Study Abroad Service Platform" in cooperation with MOE’s education and foreign supervision website; to release information on new trends in study abroad service industry and to publicize the industry standards and norms;

To communicate with domestic and foreign educational service institutions, embassies (consulates), news media and relevant institutions, and timely release accurate and up-to-date information of studying abroad to the society.

To organize workshops, seminars and presentation sessions for relevant policy studies and staff training activities.

   4Industry research and exchange

To undertake market and policy research on the study abroad service industry, and to compile and publish an annual report on China’s study abroad services.

To organize international education fairs and other exchange activities in cooperation with foreign educational institutions and industry organizations.

   5To carry out other activities in accordance with COSA’s working methods.



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