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Vocational Education Committee (VEC-CEAIE)

Publish Date: 2013-10-29 | Visits: 7003
In November, 2013, China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE) established Vocational Education Committee (VEC-CEAIE) based on former Vocational Education Center in order to speed up the pace of internationalization of vocational education and promote the sustained and healthy development of vocational education.
The aim of VEC-CEAIE is to strengthen communication of vocational colleges and the government, society and the relationship with foreign vocational education organizations, schools and to be a good professional assistant of international cooperation and exchanges in the field of education for CEAIE , playing a serving and coordinating role in international cooperation and exchanges of the vocational colleges in order to develop professional research and exploration of vocational education internationalization theory and practice, and to guide and promote the internationalization process of vocational education of our country.
The goal of Vocational Education Committee is to promote intercollegiate exchanges and cooperation, to hold academic research and international academic exchange discussion activities, to establish platform of vocational education for international cooperation and exchange, resource development and personnel training, and the promotion of domestic exchanges. Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology is the Chairman unit and secretariat of Vocational Education Committee of CEAIE for the first Council.
We welcome all the national vocational colleges to join Vocational Education Committee of CEAIE and we hope to grow and flourish together in the future.

Contact: Lu CHEN, Secretariat of Vocational Education Committee of CEAIE
Mobile Phone: 13913899158 
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