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"Zhi-Xing China, Jiujiang Lushan Discovery: Global Youth Heritage Education Program" Held in Jiangxi

Publish Date: 2024-04-22 | Visits: 411
From April 17 to 22, under the guidance of the National Commission of China for UNESCO and the UNESCO Office in Beijing, the "Zhi-Xing China, Jiujiang Lushan Discovery: Global Youth Heritage Education Program" was held in Jiangxi. The event was organized by China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE) and co-organized by Jiujiang Education Bureau and Lushan World Heritage Management Committee. During the event, 130 youth students from 27 countries explored the poetic scenery of Jiujiang and the beauty of Lushan. The theme of the event was "Honor the History For A Better Future", and included thematic discussions, field research, and exchange activities, aiming to foster youth involvement in world heritage protection and sustainable development.

Yang Jun, Vice President and Secretary General of CEAIE, Shahbaz Khan, Director of UNESCO Beijing, and Jiang Wending, Mayor of Jiujiang, attended and delivered speeches at the opening ceremony. Qin Changwei, Secretary-General of the National Commission of China for UNESCO, delivered a video address.
Yang Jun pointed out that heritage education is a bridge for promoting dialogue and mutual learning among civilizations. Since last year, CEAIE has been organizing this event, collecting over 3,000 proposals, creative posters, and videos from youth in 55 countries across five continents, showcasing the beauty of thought, history, and creativity. He put forward three hopes for the participating youth: to appreciate the profoundness of Chinese culture and recognize that world heritage belongs to both the nation and the world to take on the responsibility of inheriting and protecting world heritage and to admire the outstanding heritage of other countries with an open and learning mindset.

Shahbaz Khan emphasized UNESCO's support for the Youth Heritage Education Conference, recognizing its dual focus on empowering youth and protecting heritage. Investing in youth is essential for building a sustainable future. He encouraged more young people to engage with world cultural heritage, express their views, contribute their ideas, and become active promoters of change.

Qin Changwei noted that China has actively promoted youth world heritage education and the dissemination of knowledge and protection concepts related to world heritage. He encouraged the youth to draw inspiration from the picturesque landscapes of Lushan, use the conference as an opportunity to deepen their understanding of world heritage protection, and contribute to the field. Jiang Wending introduced the achievements of Jiujiang in cultural and natural heritage protection and committed to continuing the promotion and preservation of excellent traditional culture and heritage.

The students, with passion and curiosity for Chinese culture, visited the Jiujiang section of the Yangtze National Cultural Park, Xunyang Tower, and Pipa Pavilion. They experienced Chinese tea culture, traditional dyeing, and cloisonné making at the Hailu Tea Expo Garden and Jiujiang Vocational University at the foot of Lushan, immersing themselves in the cultural richness of "Poetic Jiujiang." They also visited the Jiujiang Two Rivers Underground Water Purification Plant and the Jiujiang Land Space Planning Museum, where they learned about Jiujiang's efforts and achievements in environmental protection and heritage preservation.

After reaching the summit of Lushan, both Chinese and international students and teachers were captivated by the unique natural geography and profound aesthetic value of this place where Eastern and Western cultures converge. Lindsay Park symbolizes international friendship, while the Lushan Museum and the four museums in the Cultural Relics Area showcased Lushan's historical and cultural heritage from multiple perspectives. Scenic spots such as Jinxiu Valley, Xianren Cave, and Hanpo Pass provided excellent opportunities to understand geological changes and the value of world natural heritage. At the Lushan World Heritage and Global Geopark Monitoring and Early Warning Exhibition Center, students learned about the comprehensive system for scientifically monitoring and managing heritage sites using advanced technologies like big data and cloud computing, further understanding sustainable development paths for heritage preservation.

The event featured face-to-face interactions with experts such as Janos Pasztor, former UN Assistant Secretary-General for Climate Change Guo Zhan, Chairman of the World Heritage Research Association of the Chinese Society of Cultural Relics Jiang Bo, Vice President of the International Council on Monuments and Sites and Distinguished Professor at Shandong University and Qi Haining, Deputy Director of the Nanjing Normal University Museum. These experts shared insights on the operation and development of world heritage, the challenges posed by climate change, and other knowledge-rich and engaging topics, revealing the vibrant life behind heritage.

Fu Bo, Deputy Secretary-General of CEAIE Du Shaohua, Deputy Mayor of Jiujiang He Ming, Party Secretary and Director of the Jiujiang Education Bureau Xiong Wei, Second-Level Inspector of the Lushan Management Bureau and Tang Qianting, Head of Digital Sales and Operations for Pearson PTE Asia Pacific, attended the closing ceremony and presented certificates to all participating students and teachers.
The students enthusiastically shared their thoughts on heritage preservation from a youth perspective. They compared their hometown heritage with the Lushan World Heritage site, marveling at the integration of urban planning, land development, heritage preservation, and the promotion of harmony between humans and nature. They expressed their commitment to personally engaging in heritage protection and preservation, promoting public awareness, and innovating in heritage protection and sustainable development.

This event was supported by Pearson PTE and the Lushan Cultural Tourism Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd.

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