Vocational Education Leadership Training Program (VELT) is jointly established by China Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance in 2008. As an important component of The National Project of Demonstrative Higher Vocational Colleges, VELT is designed and implemented by the Secretariat of China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE).

Following the guidelines of The National Project of Demonstrative Higher Vocational Colleges , VELT is designed to enhance the leadership capacity of Chinese higher vocational colleges, through providing for the leaders opportunities of learning and drawing lessons from professionals and institutes of vocational education in countries with distinguishing characteristics. The program is targeted at developing a pool of capable leaders who are apt at conducting comparative research from an international perspective and equipped with modern management concepts and skills in vocational education.

Guided by the principle of promoting reform and development through opening-up, VELT has established a platform of international exchange and cooperation for vocational education, encouraging various forms of international exchange and cooperation between Chinese higher vocational colleges and related institutes overseas. It promotes learning and improving through communication, aiming at lifting up the overall quality and international reputation of Chinese higher vocational education.

VELT is mainly open for demonstrative and provincial key higher vocational colleges. However, the program is influential and beneficial in a far larger scope. Up till 2012, VELT had finished its first 5-year cycle of training. 556 college leaders from 232 vocational colleges were sent abroad for training. Training destination countries included U.S.A, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Republic of Korea and Singapore. The practices and experiences of participated

colleges are shared among higher vocational colleges nationwide and bring inspirations and thinking to the whole field. Since 2013, VELT has entered the second 5-year training cycle. To better serve the national goal of promoting the development of Modern Vocational Education, VETL will continue to optimize its structure and overall design, and empower the reform and development of vocational education in China.   

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