Research Center for International Education

Publish Date: 2016-06-28 Source: Visits: 2270

Research Center for International Education (RCIE) aims to develop research work in the area of international education, offer professional consulting services for policy-makers, and undertake national research project for educational institutions. Based on academic research and professional practice, RCIE offers policy advice and technical assistance to help:
-to strengthen the national capacities to analyse and formulate sound education policies and plans.
-to promote the capacity of education leaders and theirs institutions to prepare and implement education policies more successfully.
-to facilitate educational research cooperation and exchange on the national, regional and international level.
-to provide the public professional consultation service. 
-to assist government and HEIs to achieve success in the governance and reform of higher education.

Name Position Tel E-mail Responsibilities
Ms. Zu Yuanyuan Deputy Director 010-66416080-8072
Overall Management
Ms. Liang Zi
Ms. Wang Fan Program Officer 010-66416080-8073 Quality Accreditation for International Students Education Program
Ms. Pan Jiayi
Immediate attention