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Conference & Exhibition Projects Office (CEPO), a business arm of Department of Cooperation Projects of CEAIE, specializes in initiating, organizing, managing large-scale international conferences and exhibitions at home and abroad, and implementing international education exchange programs.
CEPO, boasting a skilled and capable team with practical experiences, is able to provide the relevant services for education exhibition (international and domestic) including exhibition planning, project approval, exhibitor organizing, booth design and set up, on-site management, floor and equipments leasing. We also offer services for educational delegations for international and domestic visits such as delegation approval, planning, organizing and implementation, and services for international conference and forum as well as other international educational exchanges.
CEPO organizes and manages various forums, conferences, exhibitions, programs and events, including NAFSA and EAIE annual conference and exhibition, the 21th Century China Higher Education Expo and the China International Education Exhibition and other series of educational exchange activities.

Name Position Tel E-mail Responsibilities
Ms. Bu Huanfang


Mr. Li Guoying
Deputy Director
Culture and Education innovation
Mr. Zheng Xiaoyong Senior Program Director
010-66416080-8081 Study Abroad Service
Ms. Han Ying
Ms. Fu Xixuan Program Officer 010-66416080-8003 Administration
Ms. Liu Yuting Program Assistant

Immediate attention