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“Double First-class” University Network, China Education Association for International Exchange(DFUN-CEAIE)

Publish Date: 2021-02-19 | Visits: 1145

Founded in 2018, “Double First-class” University Network, China Education Association for International Exchange (DFUN-CEAIE)is a nationwide not-for profit organization affiliated with China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE). As a branch of CEAIE, DFCUN is not an independent legal entity, recognizes the Charter of CEAIE, and conducts activities under the administration of CEAIE.

DFUN is a professional platform of international exchange and cooperation for its member universities which are selected in the “Double Fist-class” Initiative of China.


Fields of Operation

1.To build the platform of international exchange and cooperation for word-class universities , so as to deepen international exchange and cooperation among Chinese and foreign universities, and to attract high-level international students to study in China.

2.To participate in the “Double First-class” construction and the construction of the assessment system of university internationalization, participate in the formulation of international education criterion and policy.

3.To develop high-level educational international  exchange programs, support the mobility of scholars and students, and assist universities at home and abroad to conduct various exchange activities.

4.To hold bilateral or multi-lateral educational international conferences, symposia and exhibitions;

5.To conduct academic research in the field of international education and publish relevant publications, provide consultation and suggestion for member universities.

6.To undertake other tasks assigned by CEAIE and the Chinese Ministry of Education.



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