National Network
CEAIE has provincial associations for international exchanges in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities as wellas local chapters in 16 major cities. CEAIE has build a wide and effective cooperation network at home with more than one thousand partner organizations and institutions based on the principle of complementary advantages, mutual benefit and common development. CEAIE has developed strategic relations of cooperation with more than 20 local government and institutions,which helps understand their needs for international educational exchange and explore new channels of cooperation. By establishing an international platform for local EAIEs, CEAIE has provided them high qualified resources, sound externalenvironment and expansive world view for education development and governance, which promotes local international education exchanges in a sustainable development and highlights CEAIE’s role of leading, organizing and coordinating non-governmental international education exchanges and cooperation.

International Network

CEAIE has established long-term working relationships with over 170 educational organizations among over 50 countries and regions. It has obtained special consultative status with the United Nation’s Economic and Social Council and established official relations with UNESCO. CEAIE wildly participates in various international education exchanges and cooperation with constantly promoting international student mobility and actively serving people-to-people exchange mechanisms. CEAIE has made full use of its global network resources to lead member institutions to an internationalized development mode by expanding international education market, strengthening contact and cooperation with various educational institutions abroad, enriching cooperation connotations and influence, so as to ultimately promote the international education exchanges and cooperation with Chinese characteristics to a new stage.

In order to further strengthen the professionalization of CEAIE and meet the needs of modern development of education, CEAIE has established 8 sub-commissions which operate under the supervision of CEAIE covering Chinese-foreign cooperation in education, self-funded study abroad, vocational education, international education exchange volunteer, teachers in-service training, education equipment, secondary education, education and cultural creative Industries. CEAIE member institutions can apply to join sub-commissions voluntarily.

In order to further strengthen the professionalization of CEAIE and meet the needs of modern development of education, CEAIE has established 11 sub-commissions ,CEAIE member institutions can apply to join sub-commissions voluntarily.

1. Commission on Chinese-foreign Cooperation in Education

2. Committee on Self-Funded Study Abroad Service

3. Vocational Education Committee 

4. Volunteer Committee for Intercultural Education

5. Committee for Teachers In-service Training

6. Educational Equipment Committee 

7. Secondary Education Committee for International Exchange

8. Committee on Education and Cultural Creative Industries

9. Non-State-Run Education Committee

10. International Medical Education Committee

11. Application-oriented Universities Committee of China Education Association for International Exchange


Through integrating domestic and overseas resources, CEAIE focuses on strengthening the capacity building of sub-commissions to better serve CEAIE member institutions, Chinese government and the society. Meanwhile, the industry characteristics and business area of sub-commissions will efficiently support the core business development of CEAIE, thus improving CEAIE’s domestic and international influence, promoting international educational cooperation in a professional way.

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