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PathPro Project

Publish Date: 2014-10-22 | Visits: 5176

PathPro Project is developed in collaboration with MOE and CEAIE under China-US High Level Consultation on People to People Exchange. It is aimed at bridging high quality education resources in vocational and technical education and training between China and US through various programs, including but not limited to

² Degree program jointly developed and delivered by partner colleges;

² Tailored teacher training or exchange programs according to needs of individual college or colleges of common interest;

² Student exchange program based on credit recognition and transfer;

² Student internships supported by colleges in joint effort with related enterprises or organizations.

Pathpro Project involves top ranking Chinese Vocational colleges with award-winning model programs and constructive experiences in the development of transnational educational projects. We are looking forward to discussing cooperation with US peak bodies and individual colleges.

PathPro Project PathPro Project
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