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The 2018 Sino-US High-level Forum on International HR Talents Training was Successfully Held in Beijing

Publish Date: 2018-11-14 | Visits: 2410

The Sino-US High-level Forum on International HR Talents Training organized by China Education Association For International Exchange (CEAIE) was held in Beijing on November 5, 2018.

CEAIE and International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IMPA-HR) have jointly carried out the China IPMA-HR projectwithin the framework of the Sino-US Social and Cultural Dialogue Mechanism. Over 4,000 international human resource professionals have benefited from this project so far. 

Yu Yougen, Director of Department of Vocational Education and Professional Training, CEAIE, introduced the history of human resource development in China in his opening remarks. Mr. Neil E. Reichenberg, CEO of IPMA-HR, stressed the key role of human resource professionals in organizations, and the significance of human resource training for professionals to ensure their competence in assisting decision-making and efficient running of organizations.

Other speakers at the forum included Ms. Liang Yan, Vice President of Beijing Zhongjingfanglue Management Consulting Co., Ltd; Mr. Cheng Gong, Vice Chair of China International Intellectech Co.,Ltd.; Mr. Wang Haizhou, President of Telansun International Group; Ms. Shen Qunhong, Associate Professor from Tsinghua University; Ms. Kristina Grothen, Project Director of English Language Institute; Mr. Du Peng, Vice President of China Prospect Education Group, shared their experience in human resource management practice or training. 

Mr. Yu Yougen chaired the panel discussion contributed byDr. Lu Lee, Director of Asia program of New Jersey City University; Mr. Zhang Jian, Director of Industry and Education Partnership Research Institute, ATA; and Ms. Shen Qunhong from Tsinghua University. The Chinese and American participants agreed on the significance of human resource development and training programs for both individuals and organizations. 

The forum provided a valuable opportunity for Chinese and American experts, scholars and practitioners for in-depth communication on cutting-edge issues in the field of human resource development, for instance, new trends and challenges in human resource management; teaching, curriculum, accreditation and application of the China IPMA-HR project. 

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