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The 3rd “China-US Rising Star Study Tour (winter camp)” was held successfully

Publish Date: 2018-01-31 | Visits: 1555

The closing ceremony of 3rd China-US Rising Star Study Tour (winter camp) was held at Sichuan College of Architectural Technology in Deyang, Sichuan Province on Jan. 18th, 2018. 22 selected students from US universities and colleges including University of Guam, the City University of New York, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, NOVA, etc., and 13 Chinese teachers and students from Sichuan College of Architectural Technology, Guangdong Industry Polytechnic and Xi’an Aeronautical Polytechnic Institute joined the 12-day tour under the theme Art and Design,.

    Under the framework of U.S.-China Social and Cultural Dialogue (SCD), the Rising Star Study Tour is considered to be a featured U.S.-China student short-term exchange program in the vocational and professional education sector. The program is funded by the Ministry of Education of China. It consists of summer camp (July) and winter camp (January). It is designed to promote mutual understanding and dialogue between Chinese and American college students through a full program consisting of outdoor lectures, industry visits and rich cultural experiences.

(by Dept. of TVET Programs and Professional Training)
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