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Secondary Education Committee for International Exchange(SECIE-CEAIE)

Publish Date: 2014-10-23 | Visits: 2197
Secondary Education Committee for International Exchange (hereinafter referred to as Committee) is composed of national secondary schools and related organizations, which is a national NPO, attached to China Education Association for International Exchange(CEAIE). The Committee conforms to the rules of CEAIE and works directly under its leadership as a branch organization. The Committee is disqualified from acting as an independent legal entity. The Secretariat of the Committee is located in Beijing.  


The orientation of the committee is to set up an international education resource platform, which provides enough space and opportunities for cooperation and communication of courses between China and foreign countries, training and exchange of teachers, and the cultivation of students. It also promotes the cooperative development between Chinese secondary education, international secondary education and higher education. The committee aims to integrate international development of Chinese secondary education into the world and promoting Chinese education internationally and international education locally.  


The Committee has a full commitment to safeguarding the interests of member schools, promoting healthy and sustainable development of international education for secondary schools, promoting the development of international education and exchanges that serve secondary schools with Chinese characteristic, cultivating the students’ patriotism and international vision, and cultivating international talents for the needs of China’s social development. 

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The Secondary Education Committee for International Exchange was established on October 31, 2014 on the 7th Session of 6th CEAIE Standing Committee.
The Committee is a national industry organization that develops the international education and international exchange of secondary education for Chinese secondary schools. The Committee works directly under the leadership of CEAIE, and is subject to the professional guidance and supervision and administration of Chinese Ministry of Education and Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs.
We welcome all the national secondary schools and related organizations to join us.

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