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Educational Equipment Committee (EEC-CEAIE)

Publish Date: 2014-10-23 | Visits: 859

Introduction to the branch

The Educational Equipment Committee of CEAIE (hereinafter referred to as 'equipment branch') is a national non-profit social organization formed voluntarily by group members. The equipment branch was established in September 2014 with the approval of China Education International Exchange Association (hereinafter referred to as 'the association'), which is a branch of the association. It does not have independent legal personality and carries out its work under the unified leadership and management of the association. The Secretariat of the equipment branch is located in Beijing


Purpose of the branch

Through the international exchange and cooperation of educational equipment, we can promote the internationalization of educational equipment industry, expand the international influence of the industry, provide consultation and related services for the majority of member units, and discuss and study various topics related to the theory and modernization of educational equipment


Business Scope

1.communication activities  

To hold international professional training, competition, exhibition and other exchange activities of educational equipment. To organize, undertake or participate in bilateral and multilateral seminars and forums on educational equipment. To organize and coordinate the relevant work of foreign educational equipment institutions on their visits to China. Establish a friendly exchange mechanism with foreign educational equipment guild and other organizations.

2.provision of services

Through the member network platform, provide information consultation for the member units and international high-quality educational equipment scientific research institutions to carry out international exchange and cooperation projects of educational equipment. Regular release of foreign education equipment and the latest developments in the field of scientific research, information sharing.

3.Academic research to Carry Out International Comparative Research on the Educational Equipment Industry to enhance the international competitiveness of digital educational equipment. carry out other activities consistent with the aims of the branch.


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